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How to check your home Wi-Fi hijacker and change the new password by yourself

Making your Wi-Fi connection at home or office faster by check your home Wi-Fi hijacker and change the new password by yourself.

Wi-Fi internet connection at home or at the office speeds unstable depending on the usage of less or more. Today, I would like to shows how to check how many people are using our Wi-Fi. And also you may need to change your Wi-Fi password and disconnect them from using your internet connection. Some of the routers may allow someone connect to Wi-Fi network by using WPS PIN code. And also someone can check you Wi-Fi router WPS PIN by using any software. To project your Wi-Fi Network from hacker you should do following point that I have addressed below.

+ How to access the Admin Tool of the Internet Router

  • (Required) Install an Ethernet cable from the router port of any LAN port to the computer
  • Open the browser should use Chrome or Firefox and copy this address to or
  • Paste into the Address Bar
  • This will require User Name & Password (Usually, if you have to type Admin, both above, if it’s wrong, please contact your Internet Service Provider)> Click login.

+ How to delete any device from our Wi-Fi

  • Click IP & MAC Binding
  • Click the ARP List> This will display the number of connected devices currently using Wi-Fi. (Example: Sabay’s Wi-Fi has 5 users)
  • Before deleting, you should verify IP Address if the IP is different from the device of the member that we allow to use> Click Delete
  • # Confirm: You can only authenticate with Private IP Address if you take public IP Address, you will see a distinct difference.

+ To check private IP Address on the computer

– Go to Control Panel> All Control Panel Items> Network and Sharing Center
• Click Local Area Connection> click Detail
• View the Ipv4 Address field for example
+ To check private IP Address on a smartphone
• Click the exclamation mark on the Wi-Fi name
• In the DHCP box,> See the IP Address for example
+ How to change your Wi-Fi PIN yourself
• Access Wireless> Wireless Security
• In the Wireless Password field> make a new switch between 8 and 64 digits
• Swipe down, click the Save button.

This guide is based on the standard routing standard used only for some routers, management, and usage methods are slightly different. But if you have any questions, please comment below.

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