Kodi and Khmer addon TV app

Download free live TV app for PC and smartphone

Download free live TV app for all of your devices to enjoy watch live TV online.

Many TV cable company such as SingMeng Telemedia Co., Ltd, PPCTV Co., Ltd, and Mekong Net are providing basic Khmer Live TV online service for free. And also companies offer free TV app for smartphones such as Android phone and iOS. You can now enjoy watch TV online on your computer and smartphone by using their free essential services. To install TV app, please select the following download link right for your device to install TV app.

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1 Download Khmer TV for Windows PC

1.1 Download Kodi and Khmer addon

Kodi and Khmer addon TV appKodi is also an application that available to watch some free live TV of Khmer channel. To be able to use it, you need to install some plugin called Khmer Add-on. To learn more about this, please read Download Kodi and Khmer add-on.

Download Kodi and Khmer add-on.

1.2 Download MekongTV by Mekong Net

Download Mekong TV appan application developed by Mekong Net Co., Ltd.  With Mekong TV you can download and install Khmer TV software on your computer. And also that application required the internet connection to live stream TV. Moreover, Mekong Net required you to register an account with their company to be able to use that application.

Download MekongTV

1.3 Live Khmer TV online on Web browser

Click here to watch Khmer Live TV on Computer Let’s watch TV online through your web browser easy without required installing any application on your PC. Now you can select your favorite channel to watch live TV. And also if you want to download Khmer TV app for your computer please read How to Download and install TV application on Windows PC.

Live Khmer TV

2. Download Khmer TV for Android Phone

Khmer live online TV appThere many Khmer live online TV app available on Google Play Store. Those app built by television station owner to expand their targeted audience. You can now download the Khmer Live TV app for your phone to enjoy your favorite TV program everywhere every time.

Download Khmer TV for Android Phone

3. Download Khmer TV for iOS iPhone iPad

iOS TV app

As nowadays, There are many Cambodia youths go to work outside the country in Korea or Thailand, and also Khmer citizens who are living outside the Cambodia are always missing homeland. All of them want to know everything that happens in Cambodia and would like to keep in touch with their motherland. And so many workers are working outside the Cambodia still want to continue watching their favorite TV program, so they still can watch those program by installing Khmer Live TV on their iPhone or any smartphone.

Download Khmer TV for iPhone iPad

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