How to get successfully applying Google AdSense in 3 days in Cambodia

The technique to get successfully applying Google Adsense in 3 days in Cambodia

Google created the Adsense program to help website publisher or blogger to monetize their website traffic. The site author or blogger can make money online with Google Adsense by applying Google Adsense account and generate ads code to place on their website. They will get revenue every valid click that made by the real visitor. And also Adsense user must follow the Google Adsense program policy to keep long-term earning from this service.

Google AaSense network supported Cambodia country that every Cambodia website publisher or blogger could take advantage of this service by monetizing their website or blog. You should have a good profit by joining Google Adsense network if you have a high-quality website content.

I have successfully applied Google Adsense in Cambodia in two business days only. I get approved Adsense account fully by upgrading my hosted account. I have placed ads code on my blog with 15 posts and about 650 words long in average. Before I was applying Google Adsense, I have optimized my website with site loading speed SEO and site content.

In this post, I will share my experience about step by step to get successfully applying Google Adsense approval quick as possible. Before you get to start to submit Google AdSesen sign up form, you should make sure that your website complies with Google AdSense policy. And also you can learn more about which website content should be accepted and rejected by Adsense please read here.  Moreover, you need some technique to create and optimize your website such as:

  • which is the topic of your site?
  • Are people interested in your topic?
  • How to optimize the search engine to let people can see your post in the search result.
  • How to make your site load faster?
  • How to make your site attractive looking for the visitor.
  • How to integrate the Google service to your Adsense account such as Google Analytics, Google Search consol (former Google webmaster tool).
  • Avoid placing ads code of any other Advertising network that can make your site violate the Adsense policy. Be sure that your site is clean before applying Google Adsense.

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