The prosperity insurance companies in Cambodia

The prosperity insurance companies in Cambodia. The Cambodian people starting to take about their future

While the economy is picking rapidly in all sectors, many businesses also fiercely competitive, with its credibility, including financial sector on the insurance market and insurance companies has been moving smoothly in the country. According to the confirmation of Bush Jon Peters director of the rupee General financial industry.

Speaking at a seminar on the benefits of insurance 3rd independent hotel in the morning of December 19, 2014. Bush Jon Peters Baruch, deputy director general of the industry financial said that at present our country also has a micro-insurance as a cheap insurance as the cost of insurance. Insurance could enable low-income residents to purchase insurance to prevent risks arising to buy insurance, including health insurance, life insurance and so on. So the main purpose the workshop today is wide awareness about the athletes the benefit of the insurance companies services offered to citizens in Sihanoukville as well as across the country.

Insurance is a method of family and business enterprises can use to transfer their risk to the insurance companies that have received licenses to do business in the country. in addition to raising awareness to all citizens caste which athletes factor in promoting the improvement of living standards and reduce poverty People of Cambodia.

Aeon Microfinance with forte insurance  providing no-interest installment on insurance

With the collaboration between the company or organization, large 2 insurer forte and new partner Aeon miles Croatia Fi Channel has signed a new project on 19 March 2015 to make it easier for customers to get insurance through installment is insurance, regardless of the money.

An interest rate of 0 percent project installment is insurance with Aeon miles Croatia Fi channel and allow existing customers both new’s forte may pay insurance through an amortization period of 3 months, 6 months or 9 months by simply pay 20 percent only. Insurance package, which may include payment services, health, personal accident insurance car accident kinetic risks and other risks.

Charles Cheo CEO forte, said, ‘We are happy strongly to offer convenience to customers to protect valuable assets for all people in Cambodia.

He added that the cooperation between the 2 companies will pave the initiatives launched many new services. Although we are creating innovative insurance companies in the past, but Afghanistan still strive to create a new service to provide additional benefits with quality and value to customers. We are confident this collaboration gives customers easier than ever before and get extensive insurance companies and confidence.

Mr. Maeda, Managing Director of AEON miles Croatia Fi Channel has also said that ‘Aeon miles Croatia entry by the Exchange’s financial leading on service installment without required of the earnest and collaboration will show that Aeon miles Croatia Fi channels always seem to face in order to offer something new in the field of financial institution in Cambodia.’

He will be committed to providing quality services for supporting their everyday lives of consumers and allow them to create the most opportunities in the future through the use of an effective credit

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