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Buy domain hosting to create a website and start to earn money online

Get domain hosing only $12 and Let’s starting to create your own WordPress website today for your company also for the personal blog. You can use a website promote your product and service or join advertising program to start earning money online.

Since technology is growing from day to day, and the internet has played an important role of the human online activity globally every day. The people are changing their habit of receiving information, shopping, researching, studying and stay connecting through the web. And also the website is a very important way for a business to provide the information to their customer. Moreover, you just need domain hosting to create a website to share the knowledge to the people around the world and can generate the profit from the website content too. There are many Content Manage System to build a website and you can choose the most popular CMS such the WordPress to build your WordPress website today.

WordPress is the post popular Content Management System in the world today. You can easily create a WordPress website and customize it. And also WordPress provide you the very powerful tool to manage your website content and you can use thousand of Theme and Plugin to make your website perfect. In this post, I will share my experience about how to create a WordPress website completely as quickly and low cost.

To start to build a WordPress website today in 20 minutes with only $12 budget. You will need the materials to create our website such as, Domain name, Web hosting and a credit card to purchase it.  you can follow the step by step as below:

1- Get free MasterCard to buy Domain hosting

You will need a credit card to make a purchase online for Domain name and Webhosting to build your WordPress website. And also if you have already had a credit card you may ignore this step. Moreover, You can get a Visa Card or MasterCard from any bank in your location. And also you can get a free virtual MasterCard from ABA Back through PayGo company in Cambodia. PayGo provides you a very easy service to register a MasterCard by your smartphone. And also you will need not go to meet the PayGo staff that you just download a PayGo Wallet to install on your smartphone. Now let’s start to register a free virtual MasterCard with PayGo following step by step below:

Please go to to learn more about the service and you may also download PayGo Wallet app for iPhone or Android phone also computer directly from their official website. And also you can install PayGo wallet app by go to the app store or play store and search for PayGo Wallet to install it. I also put a link below to make you easy download and install it.

Download PayGo Wallet app for iPhone

Download PayGo Wallet app for Android phone

Watch Video: Get Free Virtual MasterCard in your PayGo Wallet (Famous Cambodian Peypey Dy funny explanation)

Get Pree PayGo MasterCard

2- Buying Domain Hosting with the lowest price

Many domain hosting company provide the great promotion for its first customer so you can create a website with very low cost. I would like to recommend you to choose GodDaddy to be your domain hosting provider because it has provided the very easily to use account control panel and domain tool. And also you will a get big promotion from Godaddy up to 87% off for hosting and free one domain name.

You can now buy your website name (domain name) and web hosting with only $12.17 for the first year just follow the link below:

buy a domain and hosting for $12.17 for the first year with GoDaddy

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

Watch Video

Buying Domain name and hosting

For more help please feel free to call me by 016 550 272 and will help you to complete this step.

3- Setup your cPanel

After you have purchased a domain hosting, so now you can set up your own email account like And also you can be learning about the cPanel tool such as the database, webmail, web applications that available in your cPanel account.

I have also prepare a video help step by step to do it. please following the step by step to setup your cPenel account by watching video help blow:

Watch Video

setup cpanel

For more help please feel free to call me by 016 550 272.  I will help you to complete this step.

4- Installing WordPress

After you completed set up your cPenell account please following the step by step in the video help below to install your WordPress website.

Watch Video

domain hosting

installing wordpress

For more help please feel free to call me by 016 550 272.  I will help you to complete this step.

5- Customize your WordPress website

After you complete all the step above so now your website is live on the world wide web. You can now make your WordPress website great looking by customizing it to be your personalize. There are many free WordPress term and plugin that can use them to make your site perfect. Please watch the video help below to help you make perfect WordPress website:

Watch Video


For more help please feel free to call me by 016 550 272.  I will help you to complete this step.

6- Import Sample content

Now you have a great website. I will provide you some sample data for your WordPress website to quick start seeing how your WordPress website looking. Please download the sample data that I have exported from my website below:

Download sample website data

You can watch the video help below to import the sample data into your new WordPress website.

Watch Video

For more help please feel free to call me by 016 550 272.  I will help you to complete this step.


Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope that this post will help you easily create a WordPress website. Please feel free to contact me when your have the problem with creating your WordPress website. And also you can leave your comment below and I will reply you as soon as possible.


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